Playsurface Sled Redesign

Vast improvements to ease of use and functionality

The "sled" has been redesigned for the new Playsurface, offering greater ease of installation, calibration, and much-improved functionality.

The metal plates that attached the projector have been removed so that the projector is now hard-mounted. There are now 4 adjustment points instead of the 3 we had previously, making it much easier and more intuitive to adjust the projector's angle. The adjustment points are spring loaded, making necessary adjustments easy to determine. Just push on all 4 sides of the projector mount until the desired effect is seen, and then tighten down the thumb-screws until correct.

The camera has been raised and the lens has been changed to allow the camera to be mounted such that no more parts hang below the sled's bottom face. This has been done to protect the camera during installation and also to better optimize the field of view.

The IR LED bars at front and back have been replaced with a 4-sided "halo" of LEDs, brighter and more closely spaced. The halo is also much lower than previous versions. This further eases installation and stability. More importantly, it gives much more light that is better diffused, providing nice, even IR across the surface.

The projector has been moved slightly forward to provide better clearance for cords near the door side, and the mirror has been moved closer to the projector to allow the use of a much smaller mirror.


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