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Saturday, 12 September 2015
Wednesday, 17 January 2018
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The latest Playsurface Launcher - the perfect environment for running all of your Playsurface apps! Just add new apps to the Launcher's apps folder and they will appear, ready for use. Use with the Multitouch USB Drive to share apps and games with friends, classmates, and students.
Includes the latest BigBlobby release.

Updated 09.12.2015


An important goal of the Playsurface's touch interface is to enable a mouse-free and keyboard-free user experience. Previously, to start and navigate between Playsurface applications, some interaction with the underlying operating system (like Windows) was required. But now, FTL Labs and Joe Weber have developed the Playsurface Launcher that allows all applications to be accessed from a sleek, iPad-like interface.

Using the Playsurface Launcher, .exe, .swf (Flash), and .air applications can be easily launched using Big Blobby to handle the touch events independent of the operating system. Additionally, Big Blobby can be launched to check settings and get the touch sensitivity just right. To quit any application you launch, make a small circular motion in either bottom corners of the screen. A circle that is about the size of the bottom of a soda can and starts from the top and goes clockwise works the best! That will take you right back to the launcher. Big Blobby runs over the launcher, so just hit the refresh or BigBlobby button again.

To add apps to the launcher, just add them to the "Multitouch Apps" folder, or put them on a flash drive and plug them into the Playsurface computer. They will be automatically recognized and new launch buttons will appear like magic!

Best of all, the launcher is free!

There will be some issues with running the Flash apps, and a couple of steps need to be taken to get them to work. We will post a how-to ASAP.