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    ftlPhysics v1.57 is the full featured physics experimentation lab for learning about collisions, parabolic motion, damped oscillations, conservation of energy, and so much more!

    Available for both Playsurface and Playsurface Panel! Click Download to download the Playsurface version. Click the link above for access to both versions.
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    Playsurface Panel Touch Demo

    Simple demo of touch response. Places a rotating star on every touch!

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    Roll the dice to place your players, and then defend your king! 

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    Simple Stencyl game that shows the ability to create and destroy actors under touch points.  Cute, rotating, meowing kittens!

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    A simple Stencyl game in which you burst boxes with your touches!

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    Sandwich Defense

    Squash the bugs to defend your delicious sandwich! Developed in Stencyl.

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    Throw quarters at the target. The user who is closest at the end wins. This simple game is great with tangibles, like dice or real quarters. Even after your opponent's piece has stopped, you can still knock them aside for the win! Also fun with a barrier acting as a wall. Just a simple piece of wood or acrylic will do.

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    Performance Test

    Instantiates rigidbody balls which bounce inside a box with every touch. Touching a ball makes it explode into 4 smaller spheres. Displays total ball count and frame rate.

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    Egg Catch

    Catch the eggs in a basket! Developed in Unity using TouchScript. This was a free download from the Unity Store, modified for use with the Playsurface!

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    ftl Simple Demos

    3 Simple Demos in one! The full Unity project.

    1) ftlDebugger - a stripped down version of the TouchScript Touch Debugger. Serves to give a simple example of how to track basic touch events.

    2) ftlFingerPaint - Basic spawner utilizing touches. Instantiates an object for every touch began or touch moved event.

    3) ftlFireFingers - Same as ftlFingerPaint, but using particle effects instead of spawned objects.