Playsurface Panel

The new Playsurface Panel is available! The panel is a lightweight, inexpensive, plug-and-play, multitouch, portable USB device. Ideal for physics experiments and other educational applications, the Playsurface Panel has no display of its own, but rather uses a laptop or desktop computer display to show touch input and user interfaces. See below for pricing and information.

Here's Len and Mike demonstrating the Panel at ISTE
(International Science and Technology in Education conference)

Playsurface Panel Now Available!

The new Playsurface Panel is now available.
$500 USD plus shipping
  • 32" Playsurface Panel: Lightweight plug-and-play optical bezel multitouch panel. Detects objects as well as touches. Capable of tracking up to 6 objects simultaneously.
  • ftlPhysics Software: Robust physics educational software. Ideal for students studying collisions, parabolic motion, conservation of momentum, circular motion, and a host of other subjects. FtlPhysics tracks objects on the panel and displays graphs for each of x velocity, y velocity, and speed squared in real time. Allows students to save data, load data, loop, and also zero in on specific events or regions of interest. On screen trails can be investigated, showing graphical and numerical values for any given point on any objects trajectories.
  • SDK: Unity package and Stencyl plugin for creating your own applications quickly.

New Playsurface Launcher

An important goal of the Playsurface's touch interface is to enable a mouse-free and keyboard-free user experience.  Previously, to start and navigate between Playsurface applications, some interaction with the underlying operating system (like Windows) was required.  But now, FTL Labs and Joe Weber have developed the Playsurface Launcher that allows all applications to be accessed from a sleek, iPad-like interface.

Using the Playsurface Launcher, .exe, .swf (Flash), and .air applications can be easily launched using Big Blobby to handle the touch events independent of the operating system.  Additionally, Big Blobby can be launched to check settings and get the touch sensitivity just right.

To add apps to the launcher, just add them to the "Multitouch Apps" folder, or put them on a flash drive and plug them into the Playsurface computer.  They will be automatically recognized and new launch buttons will appear like magic!

Best of all, the launcher is free - just get it under "Playsurface Utilities" on the Downloads page here at!


Unity for Playsurface

We here at Playsurface recognize that a touch table is only as great as the games and applications that we use on them.  We have always been keen on supporting user-development of new games for the Playsurface, and now FTL Labs has released a streamlined environment for programmers to make great new multitouch games.  

Unity is probably the world's most popular cross-platform game engine.  It provides graphics handling and animation capabilities and a very flexible modular script writing framework in C# or Javascript.

Employing the TouchScript multitouch framework developed by Valentin Simonov at Russia's Intertactive Lab, FTL has developed simple 2D game demos that will get any C# programmer started making Playsurface applications. These work great using the free version of Unity (available here) and you can download projects and finished games at the App page here at!

We look forward to seeing what great applications Playsurface users come up with!


Playsurface at ISTE 2014

Early this month, Playsurface was at the International Science and Technology in Education conference in Atlanta, GA.  This was the perfect place to roll out the new Playsurface Launcher, ftlPhysics collisions lab app, and other great new Playsurface applications.

Thanks to everyone who came to the booth and tried the apps and talked about potential uses of Playsurface in educational settings!


The 33" Playsurface: Now Available!


Order price is $2995 (plus shipping) for the full Multitouch Computer (see specifications below). Units include the Playsurface Launcher, for running and adding .exe and Flash applications, the newest Big Blobby program for handling touch events, plus all of the currently available Playsurface games!

To order, send us a request at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

About Us

The Playsurface Team is a small group of engineers excited to bring multi-touch surfaces to the masses. We have been building multi-touch computers for some time, and we have funded our open-source Playsurface through Kickstarter.

We want to explore what we think to be exciting uncharted territories of this technology and in particular how it can help bring people together in collaboration, creativity, and learning.

Visit the Sandbox and Forum for discussions on hardware assembly and software development.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Michael White at (303) 317-6566

Big Blobby for Playsurface

FTL Labs is excited to announce the release of a new version of Big Blobby that is especially optimized for use with the Playsurface!  The software is based on Community Core Vision which is available from NUI Group, but has been extensively revised and updated to provide a much better touch experience with Playsurface (diffuse illumination type) touch tables.

Among the many improvements are fisheye correction during calibration, improved background subtraction, recording of test videos, simultaneous support of TUIO and FlashXML, and the addition of an additional TUIO channel to handle app launch and exit.

The new Big Blobby is included as part of the Playsurface Launcher and can be accessed from the app menu there.  You can get both the Playsurface Launcher and Big Blobby for free at the App page here at!

Stencyl for Playsurface

To get Playsurface touch tables into schools and living rooms across the world, it is important that non-programmers can develop the games they want.  To this end FTL Labs has developed a new multitouch application development system using Stencyl, a well-known block-based software development system.

The new Playsurface extension works great with the free version of Stencyl (available here) and provides all-new program building blocks for creating fast and fun multitouch games for the Playsurface.  The games can be added to the "Multitouch Apps" folder of the Playsurface Launcher, creating a quick-launch video arcade of games like whack-a-mole, and tower-defense games.  Stencyl has so many fun demo programs, game utilities, sounds, and sprites, it is very easy to get a game going in minutes, and then just put it on a flash drive to try it out on  your Playsurface.

Students will recognize Stencyl's user interface, because it is very similar to MIT's SCRATCH programming language.  To get them started, FTL has uploaded some easy Stencyl projects as well as the Playsurface Stencyl extension at the Apps page here at!